In elegance, miscellany on August 15th, 2006 at 1:58 pm

A few thoughts parenthetically related to my just started series of articles on elegance, plus one item that’s not related to anything in particular.

Speed is Not of the Essence

I will not be cranking out the entire series of elegance articles back to back. Because of their length, I am aiming for a slightly higher quality of writing in them than I do in an average post. That means editing, usually in several cycles, and that takes time. Since I don’t want My Play to grind to a halt while I work on them, I’ll be posting the elegance series as they are completed, and will have other posts (not unlike this one 🙂 ) in between.

Attack of the Exploding Idea

When I first decided to write something up about elegance in game design, I thought that it would be one (longish) article. As of this writing, I have three core articles, a related GeekList, and at least a couple of follow up essays in the works, and there’s no guarantee that the third core essay won’t multiply before I’m done. Elegance is threatening to become one of the major recurring themes of this blog.

Does this sort of thing happen to other bloggers?

Roleplayers, Hold Tight

Although I am focusing almost entirely on boardgames in the elegance essays, a lot of what I have to say also applies to RPGs. I am also planning a follow up post specifically on the topic of elegance in RPGs.

Do Not Adjust Your Computer

On another topic, don’t mind if this blog changes appearance a lot over the next couple of days. While I like the aesthetics of the current theme, some of the organizational choices bug me. As a result, I am going to be combing through the available themes (again), even the ones that are completely inappropriate superficially, and surveying the variety of options that some offer. That’s a lot of potential looks 🙂 While I won’t hold my breath, it is remotely possible that I will find the perfect theme for my purposes. More likely, I will just find one that I can live with.


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