Stop Geek-on-Geek Crime

In gaming society on October 26th, 2006 at 12:22 pm

[Note: While I have been thinking about this topic for a while now, credit has to go to Jason from Point2Point and Paul from Have Games Will Travel for getting this meme started, including a catchy name.]

Geek-on-geek crime is when a member of the hobby gaming community (that is, the community involved in the types of games that this blog discusses) disparages an entire class of games because they are not the sort of games he or she plays. The permutations of this are endless, and it is a behaviour that date back decades.

It has to stop.

It is when the miniatures gamer sneered at Tactics II.

It is when the wargamer sneered at (white box) Dungeons & Dragons.

It is when the wargamer sneers at the Eurogamer.

It is when the Eurogamer sneers at the wargamer.

[It is also when the Trekkie sneers at the Jedi, but that’s not about gaming.]

It is when the boardgamer sneers at the roleplayer.

It is when the old school D&D player sneers at White Wolf games.

It is when the White Wolf gamer sneers at the D&D dungeon crawlers.

It is when the supporter of “traditional” RPGs (which tends to span both D&D and White Wolf, as well as other systems) sneers at a so-called Forge RPG.

It is when a prominent member of the Forge says that some traditional games can cause brain damage in people seeking certain types of play.

It has to stop.


I don’t care what you think game type X does wrong. I don’t care why your favourite game is superior. Stop it. Now.

It’s stupid, childish and gives all of our hobbies a bad name.

You don’t have to like all games. You don’t have to say that you like all games. You can criticize particular games that you don’t like by explaining the particular reasons that you don’t like that game. Stop disparaging classes of games and stop disparaging fellow geeks just because they play a particular type of game.
If you agree with this point, the best thing that you can do is spread this meme via a post on your own gaming blog.

Stop geek-on-geek violence.

It sucks.

  1. But… but… but… What will geeks talk about if not that? 😉

  2. I do NOT “like” just any “games” with ‘cubes’!
    Anyone that does, are just a buncha “rubes”!
    There’s a time and place for the likes of these
    Such as with ” mice”, or ‘rodents’ that are ‘partial’ to “cheese”
    I wouldn’t care if ‘this’ were even for the “car”
    nor even were those to be encapsulated within a “jar”
    now, upon this ‘fact’, then we’ll just have to “spar”
    While others decry what I also happen to “prefer”
    and to them, then I suppose that I’ll have to “defer”
    since I don’t hardly expect these folks to comply
    and for them, then at least I would attempt to “transmogrify”!
    yet, that’ll only last as long as they’re “under”
    while even sometimes, then I surely will “blunder”
    with a bad side effect, just in case that YOU “wonder”
    so, the ‘moral’ of the story IS, my fine funky ‘fiends’
    is to stick with your OWN “kind”, by whatever chosen means
    and don’t try to change the ‘minds’ of every other
    or you’ll likely end UP, with someone of which you’d “druther”!

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