Elegance — An Update

In elegance, miscellany on November 4th, 2006 at 2:15 pm

This post is to reassure those of you who are interested in my (alleged) series on elegance that, no, I have not abandoned it, and yes, I am actually working on part 2.

Unfortunately, part 2 is being a bit difficult. My first draft was unusually rough, even by my humble standards. Over the last couple of weeks I have been editing it, but it has been a bit of an uphill struggle. Right now I am wavering on the edge. On the one hand, it has already been well over two months since I posted part one, and people may justifiably be losing patience. I could just put up what I have now, which is complete but rather stilted reading, on Monday or Tuesday. On the other, the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to subject you to rather mediocre writing, especially in a post of this length. Getting a polished essay would mean a couple more weeks of editing, though, and possibly more if I decide to chuck what I have and start again from scratch.

So I ask you, my readers (all three of you :), which would you rather? See it now, but suffer through a rather rough essay, or continue waiting as long as it takes to get a good read, making due with other topics — I have stuff in the hopper that I think is interesting, but isn’t a major production number like this — in the meantime?

P.S. If you’re looking for some good writing about elegance to tide you over, may I suggest Jonathan Degann‘s The Well Constructed Game? I’ve been holding off reading it myself until after I finish up part 2 so that it doesn’t just ape Jonathan, but his stuff always comes highly recommended by me.

  1. I’d rather wait until you have a version you’re happy with. If you post crap, I’ll be *very* disappointed! 😉

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