In gaming society, role-playing games on November 23rd, 2006 at 10:20 pm

Levi Kornelsen has just opened up GameCraft, a new forum for developing the technique of RPG enthusiasts. I’ll let his announcement from his LiveJournal say the rest.

Hey. Levi Kornelsen, here.

I give you GameCraft. This is a forum for discussion of tabletop roleplaying games. It is not, by design, a standard forum for general use; for that, visit RPGnet or theRPGsite or ENworld. GameCraft has a mission and a target: To become the best place to refine play from the ground up. Let me give you the guided tour.

The Soapbox
If you’d like to ramble about the industry, about game companies, about the future or past of gaming as a whole, in company, do it. If you want to be loud and crude, polite and understated, if you want to share crazy wild thoughts, do it here. You aren’t safe on the Soapbox, though – if anyone wants to shout you down, challenge you, berate you, they can. Any kind of gaming thoughts are welcome – the wilder, the better; blow my hair back.

This is, in many ways, what the forum is for. Go, now, to Deconstruction, and talk about a game you played in where something interesting to you happened – a moment in that game, a session, the whole campaign. Tell us why it was interesting. And expect that if it’s interesting to others, they will ask questions, dig into it, try and figure out that interesting thing. If someone else has mentioned an interesting moment, dig in.

The Tool Kit
Do you want to discuss practical methods for getting the gameplay you want? The stuff that comes out of Deconstruction, the little and the big techniques and tricks for making your game sit up and sing? That’s the Toolkit.

The Toy Chest
Come and talk about a game book, a text, a thing we can play with and where to get it. We’ll tell you what we think about it, how it worked for us. We might write a few ‘mini-reviews’, or just jaw about how it works, and where it doesn’t.

The Garage
So, you have a game you’re tooling around on? Whether you’re building it from scratch, converting it to a whole new system, or just polishing up the dice mechanic one more step, pull it into the Garage, and talk about the nuts and bolts of it.

Make Us Laugh
That’s a lot of pretty serious stuff, up there. So, after you’ve had a chance to dig into the load, step over here, maybe pick up a smile, or share one. Humor for, by, and about roleplaying games and roleplayers.

Help Desk
Something else about the forum on your mind? Suggestions, questions, whatever? Drag it down to the help desk.

That’s GameCraft. Now, it’s very, very early in the game for this forum, and there’s no expectation that it will ever become a big kid on the block. I mean, at the moment, I’m using a free forum service to host it – so it’s likely to pick up all it’s threads and shift to a nicer address in future. But to really get off the ground in the first place, to become a solid place to refine play from the ground up, it needs some lovin’.

Come and give it some.

I’ll be linking it in the sidebar shortly.


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