My New and Improved Boardgamer Cluster

In boardgames on January 14th, 2007 at 3:53 pm

Matthew Gray has updated his boardgamer clusters. Worse yet, he’s added wonderfully geeky spider plots! There’s even a new analysis tool that produces numerical and graphic analysis for individual games, or for gamers based on their top 10 games.

Having posted my results under the old paradigm, I thought I’d put up my new results for comparison (and an easy blog post 🙂 )

Best cluster match quality: 1.3921568627451
100 Eurogamer (Type 3) (42 12 118 555 88 9216 7854 171)
77 Eurogamer (Type 1) (42 555 12 9216 118 88 171)
22 Eurogamer (Type 2) (171 12 42 118)
9 Amerigamer (Type 1) (171)
6 Amerigamer (Type 2) (171)

Spiderplot of my boardgamer cluster results

Type 3 Eurogamer is basically someone who prefers heavyweight euros — Princes of Florence or Tigris & Euphrates for example — to family fare like Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride. Euro-1 is a “core” eurogamer. Very beige 🙂 After those two clusters, my fit drops dramatically, although my failure to fit American-2, which is basically a wargamer, may have more to do with lack of exposure to modern wargames than actual dislike.


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