An Honour For My Play

In boardgames, miscellany on January 23rd, 2007 at 2:07 pm

Gone Gaming Award Runner-Up: Best Industry ArticleThe Cliche is that it’s an honour just to be nominated, and it really it. Nevertheless winning something is really nice too.

Gone Gaming named An Introduction to Elegance the second runner-up in the category Best Industry Article, behind the always great Chris Farrell‘s Here I Stand and Big Decks and the underappreciated (and sadly inactive) Mario Lanza‘s Fill in the Blank, about the geeky, but perrenial, topic of box inserts.

I am very proud, and honoured. Considering my failure so far to follow up as promised, I have to say that Introduction to Elegance must have been better than I thought to be considered worthy of consideration, let alone in actual contention. It was, to my thinking, the ugly step sister of the series, necessary to clear up a few points before moving on.

More motivation to get my nose back to the grindstone 🙂

Thank you to the Gone Gaming crew for honouring me so. I encourage my readers to check out all of the winners and runners-up.

  1. Um, you changed your layout … wow.

    Grats on the award, sweetie!

  2. Hehe…yes, yes I did.

    Thanks hon.

  3. And now I’ve switched the theme back, because the dark grey on black colour scheme for some types of text was really bad.

  4. I like this theme better 🙂

  5. I definitely like this theme — there’s a reason why I keep coming back to it — but I don’t automatically dislike light on dark designs. The problem with the one I had switched to briefly (called sunburn) was that several elements lacked contrast with the dark background, damaging readability, let alone accessibility (which I don’t have complete control over).

    If a good theme gets added (notably one that doesn’t use Verdana or Arial as its font for body text — both are heavily overused in one way or another), I will probably switch again, but this is currently the “default” theme of My Play.

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