A Couple Small BHAC Updates

In miscellany, role-playing games on March 14th, 2007 at 1:50 pm

Just a couple of follow on bits about BHACs.

First, Martin Ralya of Treasure Tables fame was nice enough to mention BHACs over there. That has led to a couple hundred people checking out My Play, probably for the first time. There is a bit of discussion of the idea over there, so it may be worth checking out for the interested.

There was also a page about BHACs on the Treasure Tables GMing wiki, but Martin pulled it down due to plagiarism concerns. I may go create a new one at some point, but if anyone else feels like giving it a shot, be my guest. Feel free to quote from the original post, but try to avoid just reposting the whole thing over there.

Finally, I forgot to credit another, secondary inspiration for BHACs when I wrote about them the first time. John H. Kim‘s public musings about an idea he had for a D&D campaign called Dawn of Fire are very BHAC-y, and certainly helped get me thinking about the concept.


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