My Podcasting Debut (such as it was)

In role-playing games on April 4th, 2007 at 12:25 am

I filled in for the temporarily out of action Jason (ynnen) Little on the newest episode of The Metagamers podcast.

Well, I tried to, anyway.

About half an hour or so into recording, I got up to let my cat in from outdoors, and as I got up, my foot snagged on the cord of my headset, and it got a very hard yank when I tried to take a stride.

The result was a headset with a malfunctioning microphone, and my contributions to the podcast were (largely) done with.

I did make a few typed comments during a BSW play of Venedig that Jim and Mark were discussing as the main feature of the podcast, and they passed them along to the audience. I was supposed ot be a full participant in the discussion, though.

I did manage to get a few words in about Bonaparte at Marengo and Shogun before disaster struck.

Up to that point, I was having fun shooting the breeze with the guys, and now that I have replaced my headset, hopefully I will get another chance to join in as a guest. there has been talk of an expansion episode discussing Princes of Florence strategy.

Or do I have a voice better suited to silent movies?

  1. We are SO going to tear up the place in the PoF show.

  2. LOL! That is the sort of accident I have with my headsets 🙂

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