A Question for my Readers

In boardgames, race for the galaxy, strategy advice on January 9th, 2009 at 8:46 pm

Almost every day, a couple people end up reading one of my earlier posts about Race for the Galaxy because they searched for some variation of “Race for the Galaxy strategy”

Since I’ve now played over 300 games of it, I think I could give their topic of choice a decent go, but first I thought I’d poll regular readers to see how much interest there is among you for such a creature.

I would probably do it in bite-sized pieces, possibly single strategic idea, or, at most, a simple strategic theme, in each post, so trying to be exhaustive might take a while, but I’m more likely to get it finished, or at least to get something useful out.


Are you interested in these potential articles?

What level of discussion are you looking for if you are interested? Fundamentals? Advanced topics? Coverage of different major strategies? Every possible bit of knowledge I can squeeze out of my brain?

If you aren’t interested, how much would it annoy if if I tackled this topic? Would it bother you less if I mixed in posts on other subjects?

Any other comments or ideas you have related to this are also welcome.

  1. I’m interested. My topic is this:

    The first level of understanding of play is to discover the 2 main paths to victory points (develop/explore and consume) and the 3 main paths to “paying for stuff” (explore, trade, military). What subtleties along these lines exist in the tcatics and strategies of play beyond this level?

  2. I’d be quite interested, particularly in how to use your opponent’s play to model his probable next plays. The classic example is if he plays an unsupported Trade and you do not play Settle, you know he has a nice windfall in his hand and can react accordingly. What else do we learn? If he has a Bank and Credits and you have no Dev discounts and he doesn’t Dev, how do you adjust your next turn play? etc.

  3. Oh, he’ll yes.

  4. Totally interested… just don’t tell Gil. I need all the help I can get to beat him, ok?

  5. Very interested. Just don’t tell Heather. She’ll just start beating me.

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone, and please add more as it occurs to you. I’ll probably at least touch on ekted’s topic in a first post covering some fundamental, but not entirely obvious ideas. I’ll probably touch on Greedy’s indirectly, too, and see how everybody feels after that.

  7. I don’t play Race For The Galaxy, so they’re not of interest to me. But go for it; it looks like there’s interest.

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