Race for the Galaxy Strategy Update – the Current Shape of My Head

In boardgames, miscellany, race for the galaxy, strategy advice on January 13th, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Click on the picture to see my current mind map full size.

The current shape of my brain concerning RftG strategy

The current shape of my brain concerning RftG strategy

  1. I’d add Trade League to game changers (or at least to the “not quite there” list). This sort of thing looks like it may be quite good for learning strategy – if there’s something on the chart you don’t understand, you probably need to think about that element more!

  2. I don’t parse 6er military, or really understand the military distinctions. Probably not the only thing I don’t get, but it was the first to pop out – this is really fascinating.

  3. What app generated this image?

  4. Greedy,

    Yeah, I should add it to Not Quite There. This is part of why I put this up is to get feedback on what I might be missing.


    I’ll explain what Military 6er is when I get to the Build strategies article 🙂 I will say that it is stronger and easier to play if you have the Gathering Storm cards in the deck.


    I used Free Mind and exported the mind map as a .png

  5. Theoretically Storm will be reaching my doorstep tomorrow, so I can wait. 🙂

  6. I agree that trade league should be a game changer. The tactic of calling an early to mid game produce, even if you don’t get quite the most benefit out of a produce/trade cycle, to leach the impending trade in a many player game is also reasonably clever and worth mentioning. That is, in a 4 or 5 player game, a produce on turn N is very likely to cause a trade on N + 1, even if someone has trade league, because players don’t want to miss the trade and it’s very hard for mutually agree not to trade.

    I think the concept of having a single production world, that is, the steep change in utility from zero to a single producible (windfall + prod bonus is fine) world, in particular, is worth a point.

    It’s also probably worth mentioning particularly synergistic starting cards for different hands, say, alien robot sentry for new sparta, smuggler’s lair for separatist colony/alpha centauri, genetics lab for ancient race, etc.

  7. I agree that Trade League is a good card (although it doesn’t see play a lot in my 2p games lately), but I don’t feel it quite rises to the game changer level. I’ll explain my reasoning down the road, since I’ll be doing a post on near misses, as well, which Trade League will be in.

    I definitely have to decide how I want to tackle small points off technique that are worth knowing about that do not fit any of the categories I have set out.

    Thanks for the feedback, Rob (I’m guessing at your name a bit. sorry if I’m wrong).

  8. These posts are a brilliant find. Thanks very much for posting.

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