Race for the Galaxy Strategy – A Couple Prefatory Notes

In boardgames, miscellany, race for the galaxy, strategy advice on January 20th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Just a couple of bits of  info about how I’m approaching this series.

First, I doubt this will come out in anything resembling a linear manner. Topics weave back and forth among each other anyway, and I’d rather enjoy the process rather than beat myself up over getting it out in the “right” order. That means that posts may move back and forth among three or four different “groups.”

As far as that goes, I will be posting about other topics in between strategy posts too, to avoid burnout.

Also, when I reference an individual card, I’m not going to provide any explanation ofwhat the card does. Most people who will read this should know the cards already, or at least have a copy they can reference. If that does not describe you (or if you do not own Gathering Storm yet), check out the files section of the BGG pages (base game & GS).

Finally, I will distinguish card names based on what set they are from:

Roles are shown in bold (eg. Consume/Trade)

Developments and Planets from the base game in italics (eg. Lost Species Ark World)

Developments and planets from The Gathering Storm in bold italics (eg. Terraforming Guild)

The first post should be up shortly. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to ask questions or dispute what I say 🙂

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  3. Hey, couldn’t find an answer online but thought I’d ask here as the other forums require me to make an account.

    New Galactic Order: What does it do? It seems like it just doubles your non-specialist military. But at the same time, I figure it is supposed to give one victory point per military; but it clearly doesn’t say that (only 6-cost dev card without a VP chip symbol). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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