A New Piece of Race for the Galaxy Terminology

In boardgames, race for the galaxy on March 19th, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Just a heads up that, going forward, I’ll be using a bit of Race for the Galaxy jargon that I’ve invented for the sake of brevity.

In my strategy articles, I’ll be using “commodity worlds” to refer to worlds that let you draw a card when you produce a good on them. This includes bot production and windfall worlds. It’s not perfect, thematically, but it’ll do.


  • Comet Zone
  • Galactic Studios
  • Gem World
  • Lost Species Ark World
  • Mining World

are production commodity worlds and

  • Replicant Runaway Robots
  • Rebel Sympathizers

are commodty windfall worlds (or windfall commodity worlds).

Expect the first post discussing Game Changers tomorrow or Monday.

  1. I think you mean Runaway Robots.

  2. Aha…right you are. Corrected 🙂

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